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 The books and CD's below by Franklin Camp and Bobby Duncan (long-time minister at the Adamsville Church of Christ) are available for purchase.  Any money realized above expenses in the sale of these books will be placed in the Franklin Camp Preacher Scholarship Fund to be used in furthering the education of men to preach the gospel.


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“The Work of the Holy
Spirit in Redemption” by
Franklin Camp
“A Study of the Books of
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and
the Song of Solomon” by
Franklin Camp
“The Preeminence of the
Redeemer – A Study of the
Book of Colossians” by
Franklin Camp
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“The Gift of the Holy
by Bobby Duncan
“A Study of the
Book of Job” by
Franklin Camp
Bobby Duncan's Sermon

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CD's - MP3 Format
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Old Testament 20 CD's
New Testament 24 CD's
Preacher's Class 12 CD's
Sermons 2 CD's

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This material can be ordered from:

Christian Family Bookstore
5319 Ringgold Rd STE E
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37412-3191
(800) 782-8175

When ordering by e-mail, please include:
book title or CD set, quantity, your name, shipping address, and telephone number.
Any applicable sales tax and shipping charges will be added to your invoice.

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